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ROM Versions of the SC61860 CPU

The SC61860 CPU has a postfix Axx printed on it's package which is the ROM version of the internal ROM. If two models have the same ROM version, they are very similar and differ only in e.g. memory size or external ROM (BASIC ROM). Here is a list of all ROM versions I know of. If you know one which I have not listed below, feel free to tell me.

PC-1245		SC61860A06 576K
PC-1250		SC61860A06
PC-1250A	SC61860 ??
PC-1251		SC61860A02
PC-1251H	SC61860A02
PC-1252		SC61860A04
PC-1252H	SC61860A04
PC-1253		SC61860A04
PC-1253H	SC61860 ??
PC-1255		SC61860 ??
PC-1260		SC61860A11
PC-1261		SC61860A11
PC-1262		SC61860A11 768K
PC-1270		SC61860 ??
PC-1280		SC61860 ??
PC-1280(Jap)	SC61860 ??
PC-1285		SC61860A38
PC-1350		SC61860A13 768K
PC-1360		SC61860A23
PC-1360K	SC61860 ??
PC-1365		SC61860 ??
PC-1365K	SC61860 ??
PC-1401         SC61860 ??      (old ROM)
PC-1401		SC61860A08      (new ROM)
PC-1402		SC61860A08 576K
PC-1403		SC61860A31
PC-1403H	SC61860A31
PC-1404G	SC61860 ??
PC-1405G	SC61860 ??
PC-1415G	SC61860 ??
PC-1416G	SC61860 ??
PC-1417G	SC61860 ??
PC-1421		SC61860A12
PC-1425		SC61860 ??
PC-1440		SC61860 ??
PC-1445		SC61860 ??
PC-1450		SC61860 ??
PC-1450(Jap)	SC61860 ??
PC-1460		SC61860 ??
PC-1460(Jap)	SC61860 ??
PC-1470U	SC61860 ??
PC-1475		SC61860A38 768K
PC-1475(Jap)	SC61860 ??
PC-2500		SC61860A14 768K
EL-5500		SC61860 ??
EL-5500II	SC61860A08
EL-5500III	SC61860A31
EL-5510		SC61860A12
EL-5520		SC61860 ??
EL-9000         SC61860A35 768K
Edgar Pühringer
last modified: 2009-10-14