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Sharp Pocket Computer PC-1403 Resource Page

Also for the PC-1403H which is the same guy which 32kB of memory instead of 8.

Websites and other Documentation

  • FAZ'homepage: PC to Sharp interface using the serial port of the PC. Sourcecode included. On this page you can find some articles in TIF format, a joystick for the PC-1403  :-o and a assembly language table! Oops, the link is broken, but some content is mirrored here: Mirror of FAZs inteface
  • Link your Sharp-PC1403H to your PC: Parallel port version; this one uses a machine language kernel running on the 1403 instead of CLOAD/CSAVE. I checked it out, the download to the PC-1403 worked superfast, the upload didn't work at all. This link is also broken (but I mirrored the zip file here)
  • Berni'sHomepage: POKEs n'CALLs, for graphics, sound and misc
  • PC 1403 Programme: Some PC-1403 programms (in german)
  • Manfred Mayers Sharp PC-1403 Pocket Computer site: PEEKs and POKES, programs, the manual and some hardware related stuff (in german)
  • irrlichtproject: Osaka-II Music Routine for Sharp PC-1403(H). See it in action: PC-1403 Demo
  • SHARP1403 H - Taschenrechner: POKEs n'CALLs for graphics and misc (in german)
  • [BROKEN] SHARP Pocketcomputer Seite von Jerry C: Also very interesting Page, resources for various Sharp modells, provides some hardware stuff (in german)
  • [BROKEN] SHARP PC-1403(H) Resourcen: Serial port interface which also emulates a printer (cool); I tried it, it works but caution: the pins are numbered in the other direction as you would asume it. Other stuff beside this (link cable, CALLs; in german)

For manuals and documentation related to Sharp pocket computers in general also have a look at the Documentation Section.

PETOOLS System Extension

PETOOLS 1.1 is a set of machine language routines, which extends the possibilities of your sharp in graphics, sound and other functions. Just click here to get more informations.There was also an old version (1.0) of this.


Have a look at the PC-1403(H) File Archive. To avoid minikeyboard typing, first have a look at Tools to link your pocket computer to your big PC. Some of the programs need the PETOOLS system extension. Just read the text files to find out if PETOOLS and whitch version of it is needed.

Edgar Pühringer
last modified: 2014-11-30