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Sharp Pocket Computer Development Tools

My favorite development tool chain is:

GNU Emacs or XEmacs Editor

For Linux, but also available for Windows and other platforms (open source). Has a Compile button to start the make process controlled by ...

GNU make

This tool is preinstalled on most UNIX/Linux platforms and available for much other platforms (open source). Controls the assembly/link process and decides which files must be assembled.

ASXXXX/ASLINK Assemblers/Linker

The ASxxxx Cross Assemblers were written from Alan R. Baldwin, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. They support many microprocessors and operating system platforms. There are many powerful features like conditional assembly and inclusion of header files. The Linker produces Intel Hex Format output. I have contributed a port for the SC61860 (CPU of many Sharp pocket computers). The as61860 assembler is now integrated into the version 4.00 and all higher version. I had some problems with the version 4.10 (global symbols produced an assenbly error) which disappeared in version 5.00. There are no prebuilt Linux binaries for versin 5.00, so you have to build it at your own. When building it, there were some problems with the function getline, which has the same name as getline from stdio.h. This can be worked around by renaming the function to e.g. get_line.

ASxxxx/ASLINK is available from here:

SharpWave Converter

I am working on a Sharp file format converter package to convert IHX to WAV, IHX to destroyed Lolo's emulator format ... and so on.

You can download it from the File Archive (big PC), the files are called e.g. ihxconf... or sharpwave....

Maybe I will package the with BIN2WAV/WAV2BIN in one big package soon.


From is a Sharp binary file to WAV file converter (and vice versa) programed for DOS/Windows. It is open source and compiles also on Linux.
You can download it from (Software section).

See also Link Tools.

SharpTool Emulator

This emulator from Destroyed Lolo was made for Linux/UNIX. It emulates a PC-1350 (and maybe other models in the future) and has a X GUI for the display. It is very useful for testing assembler and basic programs, because it can be feed with ROM images and BASIC files.

You can download it from here: Destroyed Lolo's Sharptool

I made a patch for Sharptool (a bugfix, better use of QWERTZ keyboard and changes to compile it more easy under linux). Maybe Destroyed Lolo will include this in his tar file. Until he does, you can download the patch from here.

POEM Emulator

Yagshi's POEM is a Sharp pocket computer emulator for Linux/Unix which emulates some PC-12XX models and the PC-1350. On Yagshi's homepage I have also seen a Windows screenshot, but there was no EXE, you have to compile it on your own. There are no ROM files included, but a description how to extract ROM files from the real machines is available. Hint: you can use the ROM's from Remy Rouvin's PockEmul and 'cat' then together (the space between system- and BASIC ROM may be filled with duplicates of the system ROM to get the right memory image size). I have contributed an additional menu item to load an IHX file. Yagshi told me he will publish this soon.

Audacity Sound Editor

Audacity is a cross platform sound editor. I use it to send the generated WAV file to the real hardware (PC-xxxx with CE-126P) via sound card.

Other Development Tools I know

Simon Lehmayr and aldweb have high quality development tools for the Windows platform (assemblers with GUI, Graphics and Music editors, a small C compiler in beta stage ...)

Norbert Roll has sent me a PDF with another tool chain and a listing of file formats/converters: here.

Leonidas Tolias website about the EL-5500III contains a (dis)assembler written in java.

Edgar Pühringer
last modified: 2014-11-30