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VIC 20 Keyboard
Convert your old Commodore VIC-20 into a personal computer keyboard using an Arduino Leonardo (or clone of it).

Link Cables
Learn about the various cables to connect your calculator to your PC, compare the different types, and find out how you can build one.

Simon Lehmayr has overclocked his PC-1360 by exchanging the resonator. Just have a lock at his homepage (be aware that previously recorded tapes won't work after this modification).

How to install a Beeper into the Sharp PC-1246S
In german; This stuff is taken from [BROKEN] I made a local copy because I think it will be no longer maintained on this site (there is no link on this document). Be aware that there is no warranty of any kind. I did not try it, because I do not own the box.

CE-126P Secrets
Discover some secret characters on the CE-126P printer/tape interface and learn how to exchange the 11 pin cable and other hardware tricks.

Edgar Pühringer
last modified: 2014-11-30