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╗ CE-130T RS-232C Level Converter
This level converter from Sharp is suitable for all models wit 15 pin serial interface (PC-1350, PC-1360, PC-E500 ...). I tried it with a PC-1350 and CuteCom Terminal (Linux). The PC-1350 OPEN command was

For CuteCom (version 0.13.2) I used the following settings:

Universal Serial Interface
Local from here, suitable for most models.

╗ PC Interface for parallel port:
From Norbert Unterberg, look at the manualand download it. With this tool you can write your basic code with any editor you like or load it from the web and transfer it to your sharp. I think this one and the link program from FAZ' homepage don't work under Win NT. There are two possible solutions for this problem:

  • Install the GIVEIO driver (download it e.g. from [BROKEN]
  • Make a DOS boot disk, boot from disk, transfer data to/from sharp, restart NT and copy the files to your HD

From is a Sharp binary file to WAV file converter (and vice versa) programed for DOS/Windows. It is open source and compiles also on Linux. To use it, you should have a CE-126P or something equal connected to your sound card.
You can download it from (Software section).

I had best results using Audacity (a cross platform sound editor) to playback the WAV files to the sound card. The WAV file recorded from the CE-126P was prepared like this:

  • In Audacity, create a new file with 32000 Hz sample rate, mono and 16 bitá with a suitable length.
  • Start to record after the start of the carrier, but before the transmission of the data begins.
  • After transmission of data, stop to record and trim the wave window (it should not contain the silence after the data).
  • Change the volume (should have the possible maximum of amplitude).
  • Resample to 20050 Hz, mono and 8 bit (can't be done with Audacity, but on *nix there exists a tool called 'sox' to do it).

Norbert has sent me a more detailed description (he uses Audacity 1.2.3 and MacOSX 10.2.8 ):

  • Start Audacity.
  • Set the preferences as follows:
    • Audio I/O -> Recording -> Channels = 1 (Mono)
    • Quality-> Standard Sample Frequency = 11025 Hz
    • Quality-> Standard Sample Format = 16-bit
    • File Format->Uncompressed Export Format = WAV (8 bit PCM)
  • (On a Mac, you may have to set the sound input to "Line In" using the utility "LineIn".)
  • Start a recording in Audacity.
  • Start the Sharp producing sound.
  • After the Sharp has stopped producing sound, stop the recording in Audacity.
  • Normalize the recording (Effect->Normalize).
  • Export the sound recording as WAV 8 Bit.
Edgar Pühringer
last modified: 2009-10-14